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Sole owner

converse sole

Converse has won a trademark battle over Chuck Taylor’s Sole Converse’s parent company Nike’s continuously tries to stop other retailers from selling copycat sneakers. We have seen cases in the past where Nike successfully others from copying the design of the shoe. But now the law suit centers around sole of the icon Chuck Taylor’s […]


A classic loss for Nike

converse-classic jazz star 1

Nike – the company that owns the plant making the iconic “Converse All Star” basketball shoes – has failed to stop a Penang-based company from using the “Classic Jazz Star” brand for its high-cut basketball shoes. It was ruled that although there is some visual similarity between the two star devices in the competing marks, […]


Brands by hand


Some trademarks are so famous, you can instantly visualize them in your mind. But can you also draw them without looking at the original? Calligrapher Sebastian Lester can. And how! He amazingly draws the most famous brands in an instant. It looks so incredibly easy… Can you guess the brands while he draws them?


Not all stars are All Stars (2)

converse-ralph lauren 1

In October we wrote that Converse filed lawsuits, accusing more that 30 companies for ripping off the design of the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker. One of the first victims: Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren and Converse have not settled the matters and the law suit has been withdrawn. As a result, Ralph Lauren […]


Not all stars are All Stars

Converse All Stars Chuck Taylor Stars and Stripes

Converse claims 31 retailers and manufacturers have infringed on one or more of its Chuck Taylor shoe’s trademark designs. With its rubber-toe front and recognizable star, Converse introduced its first sneaker created for basketball players, the All Star, in 1917. Its most popular spokesman, Chuck Taylor, a famous basketball player, joined the company in the […]