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The smell of Play-Doh

The smell of Play-Doh

Toy giant Hasbro is trying to trademark the smell of Play-Doh. Just so you know. If you have ever played with Play-Doh clay as a kid, you might remember it smelling so nice you wanted to eat it. Hasbro, manufacturer of Play-Doh has recognised the distinct and recognisable smell as a brand asset. Last month, the toy […]


Monopoly on “opoly”

Monopoly on "opoly"

Monopoly is the world famous game from Hasbro. A game so huge that it inspires people to make their own version. But Hasbro vigorously defends its game and trademarks. Like recently. A company from Croatia has requested the trademark Drinkopoly in the European Union. Due to the different prefix, the trademarks are too different to […]


My Little Problem

In our previous post we discussed the consequences of brand extensions of well-known brands. The protection of the trademarks for the new products is a crucial aspect in this respect. There might be earlier trademarks that are already registered for these new products. We just came across an example this week: My Little Pony from […]


DJ Tonka

Tonka is a famous toy brand offering scale models of cars, bulldozers, cranes, etc. Vintage Tonka cars, much like Dinky Toys, are worth a lot of money. Hasbro acquired Tonka in 1991. What is the relation between Tonka and music? There is none. Aside from the opposition filed by Hasbro against the application of the […]