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Beer for girls

Beer for girls

Every once in a while you see it: a beautiful, clear trademark infringement. But not on a market in Marrakech or at a Chinese mall. No, just here, in Holland. In plain sight. Girl Out of Control makes us think of… well… girls out of control, because they drank too much beer. Heineken beer, that […]


Big beer versus small beer

Heineken - Csiki premium

Heineken has lost a lawsuit against Romanian Csiki Beer Manufactury. Last year, the Dutch brewery sued the owner of Csikszentsimon brewery on charges of infringements of intellectual property, disloyal competition and unfair trade activities, for producing the Real Csiki Sor. Heineken stated the new product name is very similar to its own ‘Ciuc Premium’ beer. It […]


Red Star

russian star

Russia’s Communist Party wants to establish their country’s copyright ownership over the red star symbol. As a consequence, they want to ban foreign companies from using the image on their logos. Does this mean trouble ahead for Heineken and Macy’s department stores? “Sometimes our symbols are used for commercial purposes, and the state must protect state […]