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A red tab. That must be a Levi’s.

A red tab. That must be a Levi's.

Jeans icon Levi’s is suing fashion brand Kenzo for trademark infringement over the use of a red pocket tab. Levi’s has been known worldwide for its famous red tabs on its jeans and other clothing. The maker of the iconic “501” now alleges that the small loops of fabric, which feature in a new collection by […]


The non-existence of co-existence

While conducting searches to the availability of a trademark you get a perfect overall view of the current status of the trademark register. And we all have the experience of a quite popular word that has been claimed multiple times, all older trademarks peacefully co-existing in the trademark register. While an objection sometimes cannot be […]


Lee? Or Levi’s?

You have word marks and you have logo’s. But there’s more. There is also a category of more ‘exotic’ trademarks, like the color mark, 3D mark and sound mark (the MGM lion roar). But even more exotic are trademarks like the ‘Nokia handshake’ and the ‘vertically opening doors of a Lamborghini’. And of course the […]