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Still no break for Nestlé

Finger food

Once again Nestlé was foiled in an attempt to trademark KitKat’s four-fingered bar’s shape. The confectioner has lost the latest round of its long-running battle with rivals Cadbury to trademark the shape of the KitKat bar in the UK. The court of appeal ruled that the four-finger design had “no inherent distinctiveness”. After deliberating for months, the […]


Finger food

Finger food

Nestle has lost an appeal in a trademark case over the shape of the Kit Kat bar. The whole case, before a court in Singapore, revolved around the question: “Are the two-finger and four-finger shapes of Kit Kat chocolate bars entitled to trademark protection (in Singapore) and can it be used to effectively stop others from marketing […]


The best thing…?

trademark becomes itself 02B

Earlier this week we’ve seen what the worst thing is that can happen to a trademark. But what’s the best thing that can happen to a trademark? You would say that the trademark becomes itself. When the trademark is affected by its own product. This inspired Italian graphic designed Marco Schemer. He designed a series of famous […]


Called to the bar

Nestlé Crunch - Fit Crunch

Nestlé USA accuses bar maker Fit Crunch of trademark infringement over a ‘confusingly similar’ logo and packaging. Fit Crunch makes baked protein bars, developed by US celebrity chef Robert Irvine. And according to Nestlé they are sold in “packages nearly identical” to Nestlé’s Crunch chocolate bars. Nestlé states that Fit Crunch’s “remarkably similar packaging in […]


No break for Nestlé

Finger food

Confectionery giant Nestlé’s attempt to trademark the shape of its four-finger KitKat bar in the UK, will likely be put to rest by the European Court. The court has not yet ruled, but the opinion of the advocate-general – normally followed by the court – effectively ends Nestlé’s attempts to trademark the snack. It also ends […]


Water down

poland springs

Artist Anthony Antonellis is getting slapped with a law suit over a rubber band. In a bottle of water. The “sculptures” that the artist sells are water bottles from the well known brand Poland Springs. The bottles are still filled with their original mineral water. However, Antonellis puts a power balance rubber band (a sports […]


Chocolate Twins

KitKat is of course known for its slogan: Have a break, have a …. And also for the form of its bar: two or four bars that are attached to each other. Is KitKat the only one entitled to sell such bars? Nestlé, owner of KitKat, will obviously say yes. Which we understand as Nestlé […]


The shape of a ‘kat’

Finger food

Cadbury and Nestlé are at it again. This time over the shape of Nestlé’s Kit Kat chocolate bar. Earlier the companies fought over Cadbury’s claim to trademark the colour purple. Now Cadbury it sticking back with a vengeance by opposing Nestlé’s similar attempt to protect the shape of the Kit Kat bar. The dispute started after the […]