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Gorilla trademarketing

Gorilla trademarketing

Donkey Kong is a world renowned gorilla from a computer game of Nintendo. And now also registered as a three-dimensional mark in the European Union. Other cartoon characters such as characters from Mario Bros have also been registered recently by Nintendo. Even the famous Pokeball has been filed as a trademark. Cartoon characters can take […]


Make trademarks out of your money

Make trademarks out of your money

Sounds can be trademarks, Nintendo must have thought while registering one of the most iconic sounds of the 80s and 90s: the Super Mario Bros. “coin chime”. If you have ever played a Mario Bros. game, you undoubtedly know the “coin chime”, the sound you hear when you collect a coin inside the game. It’s […]


Pokemon Go Away

pokemon go 1

It is immensely popular: the augmented reality game Pokémon Go. So popular that others try to profit! Apple claimed the Pokémon Go app was the most downloaded app of all time in Apple’s App Store. Servers in many countries around the world went down, due to the massive amount of people trying to play the game. […]


Double dribble

Double Dribble

An episode of Family Guy may be into some copyright issues. The cartoon show used a clip of the classic Nintendo console game “Double Dribble” from YouTube, rather than using an original clip. After that, the original video on YouTube was taken down by FOX, stating that the video infringed on the Family Guy copyright. The YouTube clip of […]