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Money stream

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Spotify has been sued for copyright infringement for the second time in two weeks. Artist Melissa Ferrick claims Spotify failed to notify her and obtain a license when it copied her compositions and made them available on its streaming music service. Ferrick is claiming $200 million dollars. Ferrick’s lawsuit follows the class action lawsuit filed just […]


Spot on

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Spotify is probably the hottest music streaming service out there. It is therefore very lucrative to make Spotify software add-ons. But be careful with the name you choose. Spotimote learned it the hard way. Spotimote for Spotify. Does that sound like an app created by Spotify to you? Spotify sure does. And then suddenly the […]


Spotify spotted

Either way somebody has been sleeping or there seems to be a blatant trademark infringement: in the Windows Phone Marketplace an app called Spotify can be purchased. This app, with the icon left (where did we see this icon and color before?) has nothing to do with Spotify, the popular music website. Online trademark infringement […]