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Bye bye birdie?

retweet bird twitter

Last week we posted about Twitter’s failed attempt to trademark the word ‘tweet’. Another company beat them to it. They did, however, register the word ‘retweet’ as a trademark. But will they be able to prevent this new toy bird? For sale for about €15,-: a KooKoo bird that retweets everything you say.  It even says […]


Remarkable trademark attempts

boise-state-turf trademark

Just because it’s Friday: 5 remarkable trademark attempts: Twitter lost the word “tweet” to a third-party developer, as it was too late filing a trademark application. The New England Patriots football team were not able to register “19-0”, after a crushing 19-0 Super Bowl victory. The application was refused. US wholesale chain Walmart tried to claim the […]


Twitter’s original name was Status

Famous brands. You can almost not imagine a world without them. It is interesting how some of the world’s most well known brands got their name. But even more interesting: they could have easily been totally different. Skype was almost called Skyper, but the ‘r’ was dropped after a domain name conflict. Twitter’s working title was […]


It’s not only fine feathers that make fine birds (2)

Last week we mentioned that Twitter has a restyled logo. Along with the logo-change, Twitter has also published a guideline how to use, and more importantly, how NOT to use their logo. Along with the (funny and creative) Violate Twitter Brand Guidelines-webite, there are more reactions. Cartoonist Adam Koford (@ApeLad) has transformed the old ‘Larry’ […]


Brand reversion

Sometimes a brand is so strong that you will even recognize it when the brand is mixed with another brand, or even with the brand of the competitor. Brand reversion is an ongoing project of logo-designer Graham Smith, who also include logos of Apple and Android and Pepsi and Coca-Cola. By reversing logos with that […]