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The two Wembleys

The two WembleysThe Wembley Stadium is a world famous football stadium. This stadium is named after the Wembley-area in London. In this area there is also the football club Wembley Football Club Limited.

The football club has registered their logo as an European trademark for a variety of products and services. The question is why a local football club wants an European trademark for cosmetics and vehicles, but why not dreaming of European football? This trademark is registered and probably Wembley Stadium did notice the registration just not in time to file the opposition. A cancellation action is filed consequently.

The EUIPO assess the matter and finds the word Stadium weak in the trademark Wembley Stadium. The dominant element in this trademark is Wembley. Can you claim such an indication of origin? It’s just an area of course. In some cases you can, like this case as the cancellation action is upheld.