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Which priory has priority

Which priory has priorityThis time we highlight a Benelux opposition between some Belgian brewers. Belgium is known for its fantastic beers, often centuries old locally brewed beer. There are quite some brewers, so, sometimes this creates trademark disputes.

The opposition was submitted by Brouwerij Haacht against the brand Goedt Bier of Brewery Bosteels. Why Haacht Brewery is opposing this mark? Probably, they do not want another trademark using the word Prior in Prioijbier. In the opposition, Brouwerij Haacht states that the graphic elements also resemble: they are both representing a tower. Moreover, the word Goedt means “good” and should not play a role in the overall impression of the marks.

The question here is whether the logos are similar enough. No, says the Benelux Office. Both marks show a tower, but this tower does not show any points of similarity. The only similarity lie in the word priorij (monastery). But this is such an inferior element in the contested mark, that the marks are not similar. And so the opposition is rejected.

Which priory has priority