Merchandising monster

LaDouceur - Macado's - Frankenstein tattooA tattoo artist is suing restaurant Macado’s for copyright infringement over a picture of Frankenstein.

Roger LaDouceur is a tattoo artist from Roanoke, Virginia (USA) and the proud owner of Star City Tattoos. Last month LaDouceur filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Macado’s, Inc., a restaurant in Roanoke. The tattoo artist claims the restaurant has been using his artwork for marketing purposes, without receiving proper credit or compensation.

Two years ago, LaDouceur created a tattoo for one of his clients. The tattoo is an image of Frankenstein with the caption “I Am Not A Monster”. The tattoo got a special place on the client’s leg.

Last year the tattoo artist discovered that Macado’s was using his artwork to market its Halloween season. He found replicas of the Frankenstein tattoo on cups, T-shirts, menus, advertisements and more. “Commercially, it was a very successful campaign using Roger’s image”, LaDouceur’s lawyer says. “Even to a point where people are reselling these things on eBay now.”

It seems LaDouceur has a legitimate case. Macado’s can only hope their marketing efforts do not turn in the monster of Frankenstein, although that may be too late.

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