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Mexican Mexican'tDonald Trump is known to sue anyone that he dislikes. Now the Republican nominee is suing Nevada City’s Trump Tacos.
Trump Enterprises announced that it plans on suing a small California taqueria for infringing on the Presidential candidate’s trademarked name. Trump’s Tacos has been in business for a little less than one year.
Although the owners claim their restaurant has no relation to the real estate tycoon, their menu seems to reflect their solid Democratic Party affiliation. You can only grin about menu items like “Grab ’em By the Dozen Street Tacos”, “The Salsa Wall” and “I Love Mexicans Taco Salad.”
“Look, we opened Trump’s last February and we’ve been slammed with business ever since”, owner Jeff Millbright said. “I mean, we know that there are people who will say we’re making fun of Donald Trump, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is this is about good, organic and local Mexican food that our customers crave. And nothing more.”
According to the cease and desist letter sent to Trump’s Tacos, the Donald Trump organization is demanding that the restaurant immediately change its name and its menu items or close.
Just when we thought Trump cleared the air with Mexicans, this happens. Well, let vote Hillary then.

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