Misleading branding: soy milk is not milk

Misleading branding: soy milk is not milkSoy milk has been very popular in recent years as a milk replacement. But you cannot call it soy milk anymore. The highest European court has ordered to rename dairy substitutes, because they do not contain produce from an animal.

Manufacturers of vegan drinks such as almond and soy milk, may have to find a new name for their products.

Some vegan drinks, such as almond and soy milk should be rebranded because they do not contain actual milk from an animal. The European Court of Justice ruled that customers were being misled.

Recently, some National Farmers Unions issued warnings about the number of non-dairy drinks being labelled as milk. Farmers from across the country have been hit by plummeting sales as consumers move toward milk variants made from soy, almond and rice.

In its ruling, judges also insisted that products labelled as cheese or butter that did not involve milk from an animal were being described incorrectly.

The case was referred by a German court after a company called TofuTown was challenged by a consumer protection group for selling products such as ‘soyatoo tofu butter’ and ‘veggie cheese’.

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