Moto without Rola

logo_motorolaThe Motorola trademark will fade out and will be gone at the end of this year. This is the tragic end of a legendary trademark that has been in use since 1930 (!). In 2014 Motorola was sold to the Chinese company Lenovo, which is one of the larger players in the smartphone market in Asia. And now this mark disappears. But not totally, as Lenovo wants to continue with the trademark Moto, thus without Rola. The ‘batwing’ logo of Motorola will also still be used on the mobile phones.
As a trademark lawyer we often see rebranding programs. But most of the times, this effects the logo or a brand new trademark is launched. Changing the wordelements of a trademark is not quite usual. However, we think that the Motorola trademark registrations will be maintained for some time. Eventually, there will be a mood of nostalgia, which opens the door for the revival trademark. Nothing easier than having the trademark registration still on the shelf!

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