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tough-mudderNew York company Tough Mudder is sueing Mini Mudder over mud races. Let the mud throwing contest begin!

Tough Mudder organizes obstacle course challenges. Participants have to run 10-12 miles through thick mud. Racers who finish the course are offered a complimentary beer, the chance to style their hair into a mullet or Mohawk and the opportunity to get a Tough Mudder tattoo. A tattoo entitles you to one free entry in a Tough Mudder event.

The mud races have proven a success. This is probably why someone is now organizing a same obstacle course for kids: Mini Mudder.

Now Though Mudder is asking a US court to order to stop Mini Mudder from using the name Mini Mudder, its trademarked orange headband and other parts of its brand identity. Oh yes, and monetary damages of course, since Tough Mudder claims to have lost sales as a result of the trademark infringement.

Dobias, Mini Mudder’s initiator, is surprised: “This started as a good, fun, nothing-but-positive activity for my kids that has turned into something much bigger.”

Since Tough Mudder started in 2009, it has grown to an event with more than 50 planned races in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia this year.

Tough Mudder has spent almost EUR 30.000.000,- to promote its events. The stakes are high. It is now up to the court to decide whether or not Tough Mudder proves to be Mini Mudder’s stick in the mud.


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