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Multimedia marksDue to recent legislative changes in the EU, the filing of trademarks has been modernized. It is now possible to submit animations and short films as a trademark by means of movie files.

With this modernization, CP8 has now also became available. This “common communication” shows a classification of all types of trademarks. Some highlights:

Trademarks of which the shape is claimed are now mentioned as shape marks (instead of 3D marks). JPEG, OBJ, STL, X3D files are accepted as format.
Sound marks can now be submitted by means of an MP3.
Motion marks are trademarks without sound. The accepted format is an MP4.
Multimedia trademarks are marks with moving images and sound. The accepted format is an MP4.

Are these trademarks very common? No, though multimedia will be particularly attractive for TV producers (for example to protect an intro). Since the filing of mp4 is possible, a handful of multimedia trademarks have been submitted. One included a fragment from a game. In addition to the fact that this fragment was rather long (whereas the capacity of being a trademark is questionable) this fragment was very bloody and shocking. Probably the EUIPO has decided to refuse this trademark as this application is still under examination. An example of an accepted multimedia brand is the mark of FahnenGartner:

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