Why Multisearch®?

The Multisearch® searches are a reliable and convenient way  in order to know whether your trademark(s) is available for use and registration in the countries of your interest. You receive a clear local opinion as well as our overall opinion and you know exactly what the chances are for success of  your trademark(s).

What are the advantages of using Multisearch® over our own network of partners?

Multisearch® saves you a large amount of time, efforts and money. You do no longer have to worry about the hassle with choosing and controlling agents, who to contact (one single point of contact for all queries), the formatting (all reports are presented in a uniform format), the delivery times (fixed and agreed turnaround times) and the costs (we have fixed prices and therefore no surprises).

What is the link between Multisearch® and Knijff?

Multisearch® is a service of Knijff Trademark Attorneys. Since 1989 Knijff is a leading provider of IP protection known for its quality and pragmatic and professional approach. Our client portfolio includes many of the top 100 worldwide companies but also small and medium sized ones.

All trademark attorneys are practitioners of daily trademark work, current issues and the latest case law are known securing you of the best legal and business advice.

Moreover, all trademarks attorneys have done hundreds of searches. They know how to clear you mark!

What is the overall difference between the services by other providers?

Our searches are managed by trademark attorneys, no data-analysts but trademark specialists with experience in daily trademark work.

First of all a local trademark attorney conducts the search and will report to Knijff. A trademark attorney of Knijff will check this search on practical value and legal quality. On the basis of all the searches in your relevant countries you get our overall legal opinion.