No party here

indexCNV Foundation International is part of a Dutch trade union. Their aim is improving the working conditions of landworkers on sugar cane plantations. According to CNV, Bacardi is one the companies who can improve these conditions.
In order to put Bacardi under pressure CNV has launched a campaign under the name No Party With Bacardi. The website is live with the explanation of the campaign. Moreover, the famous bat logo has been transformed (left).
CNV had a good look at Greenpeace who is known for actions like these. Actions where trademarks and logo’s of multinationals are attacked.
So, can Bacardi act against this? On one hand, CNV has the freedom of speech, you can of course criticize and express your feelings. Use of a trademark or logo of a third party is critical, but judges already stated in other cases that sometimes this is allowed. The other, even more important question is, is it smart of Bacardi to initiate a fight on legal grounds? Probably a softer approach through the media is recommended.

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