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4081451668_2d51ee791cOn the Internet it is sometimes difficult to see what is real and what is fake. On Youtube for example, some movies are put there by the owners, and others are illegal ones. But often the quality of both movies is very good and you cannot tell whether a illegal one is illegal.

Disney has now invented something that has been registered as a patent: a search engine that reveals only official content. So all pirated movies, music etc. will not be found as this content lacks of ‘authenticity factors’. A smart way to discourage illegal movies etc and helps the consumer to find the authentic movies.

But there are also other developments against fake products and piracy. The Swiss cheese makers suffer from fake Emmental cheeses, a growing problem. These cheese makers have now developed a weapon: bacterial fingerprinting. They selected special bacteria which are necessary in order to make the cheese. These bacteria are hidden in a (as we assume protected) refrigerator in Bern and can only be obtained by registered producers of the cheese. These bacteria can be traced back out of a cheese, it is a type of DNA. So, when a cheese does not has this DNA, it is an imitation cheese!

Source: Torrent Freak

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