Notorious markets

Clipboard01Recently, the US Trade Representative has issued an interesting report on “notorious markets”: markets that are well-known for their counterfeit products. Not only the physical markets are mentioned, but also some websites that sell many fake stuff like, and

Not quite remarkable but on the list there are several Chinese markets like the Silk Market in Beijing. The report states that traders in this market seem to have an inexhaustible source of counterfeit goods. If goods are seized, they have new fakes to their disposal. Although the Chinese government is more severe against the markets, profits seem much higher than the fines imposed. China also remains a major exporter of counterfeit.

Other markets include La Salada in Argentina, South America’s largest black market, La Bahia Market Quiyaquil, Ecuador, Tepito in Mexico City, Harco Gladok market in Jakarta (largest market for electronics in Indonesia) and Computer Village Market in Lagos, Nigeria. Paraguay and Thailand are also notorious for the markets with counterfeit products.

There are no European countries listed on the list while markets in Italy, Greece and Turkey are known for its counterfeit. Maybe the scale is limited, but at the end fake is fake and fake is harmful. The report is not only negative though, local authorities are undertaking actions but the fight against counterfeiting remains a difficult one.

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