Behind the scenes, Knijff didn’t lay back the last few months but has been working hard on OTMIS. OTMIS is our online management system where you can check your trademark portfolio, designs and trademark watching. We are very pleased to announce that, as of today, a new version of OTMIS is online. The new OTMIS platform is much more intuitive and easier to use because of the new look & feel.

On the OTMIS platform, you can assess infringement alerts yourself and directly send us instructions if necessary. You can also see which conflicts are pending, which trademarks have been registered by Knijff, download a trademark summary or zoom in on the products of one specific trademark registration.

We also developed a new functionality called ‘Tags’, with which you can categorize your trademarks by inserting a “tag”. For example, you insert a ‘sub-brand’ or ‘division America’ as a tag.

What’s next?

Our ultimate goal is that OTMIS becomes the platform upon which you can easily communicate with us and give us your instructions. The next step in the development of OTMIS is the renewal of your brands through this platform instead of sending you an email with an attached document.

We will keep you posted.