“It’s always fun to run into a brand you work with or have worked with, in everyday life.”

Angela Vonk is a certified Benelux Trademark and Design Attorney with nearly 10 years of knowledge and experience at various trademark offices. Angela gets energy from tackling complex legal issues, helping clients to protect their rights as best as possible and conducting availability searches.

Angela is a go-getter, when she commits to something she bites into this and makes sure it is realized pleasantly. She likes building a good relationship with her clients and is fully committed to that.

  • Master in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam in cooperation with the Institute for Information Law

  • Career | 2012 Arnold + Siedsma | 2014 Abcor | 2016 Novagraaf

  • With Knijff since 2021

  • Certified BMM Trademark Attorney

Angela Vonk

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