“My experience in the industry helps me understand what clients need.”

Corina Post is not easily ruffled. An easy-going, unflummoxed problem solver, she is the perfect sparring partner. After honing her skills in the pharmaceutical industry, she joined Knijff a few years ago. Corina mostly manages large projects and has extensive experience in trademark clearance. “I use my experience dealing with Knijff’s pharmaceutical clients. I had to get used to being on the other side of the table, but my years of experience in the industry have given me a really good understanding of what the client wants and what their interests are.”

She not only works with clients in the pharmaceutical industry, however. “The great thing about working for a trademark agency is the diversity of the problems you need to address to serve the client’s interests as best you can.”

  • HEAO-MER and Open Universiteit Nijmegen; Specialising in IP

  • Career | 1997 Solvay Pharmaceuticals | 2010 Abbott | 2011 Abcor

  • With Knijff since 2015

  • Certified BMM Trademark Attorney


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