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Project Description


“Originality makes life beautiful and should be protected.”

“Making complicated matters easy to understand. This is one of the key goals driving trademark attorneys.” It is also, no doubt, one of the most difficult aspects of legal advice. Yet to Ellen Gevers it comes naturally. Clients like working with Ellen. A clear insight into the various options available allows them to make the right decision.

Not surprisingly, Ellen is a welcome and frequent speaker in the world of IP. She is also a member of the INTA, AIPPI and BMM. Ellen was also on the board of a number of committees, including the INTA roundtable committee, and the Dutch chapter of the AIPPI. More recently, she has given lectures at the ECTA, INTA and BMM conferences. She is also well-known for her OHIM teaching skills and the professional educational programme of the Benelux Trade Mark Attorneys.

  • Law degree at University of Maastricht and Salamanca; Specialising in IP

  • Career | 1995 Markgraaf

  • With Knijff since 2001 | Partner in 2003

  • Certified BMM Trademark Attorney


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