“Listening to our clients is the first step in developing a successful product.”

Jeroen Lallemand is a marketing heavyweight with almost 20 years of experience in trademarks. He has worked for large companies in a variety of positions and knows sales and marketing inside and out. But it is his everyday contacts with clients that matter to him. “To know exactly what my clients want or don’t want, it’s vital to stay in touch with them. After all, our products and solutions must meet the needs of our clients.”

Jeroen is a valued sparring partner for our clients, thanks to his expertise and knowledge of trademarks and marketing. Jeroen is Senior Business Development Manager and responsible for, among others, the commercial policy and strategy of Multisearch®.

  • Master in Marketing | VLEKHO Brussels

  • Career | 1998 Thomson Reuters | 2006 Wolters Kluwer | 2009 Thomson Reuters

  • With Knijff since 2014

  • Specialised in product management and strategic marketing and turning ideas into concrete solutions


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