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Project Description


“You can only really be of service to your clients if you know their exact focus.”

Sandra van Dongen is a trademark attorney with tons of experience. It is the dynamic and international character of Intellectual Property that first attracted Sandra. She loves working for her clients and as a cosmopolitan herself, is always on the lookout for familiar trademarks on her trips to faraway lands!

The combination of the industry’s practical and legal aspects appealed to Sandra. “A trademark attorney must be able to give clients sound advice, but, more importantly, attorneys must stay abreast of any development that could affect their clients. You learn something new each day, often in fields you’d never even considered before.”

  • Law degree at Maastricht University; Specialisation in European and International law

  • Career | 2002 Shieldmark

  • With Knijff since 2003

  • Certified BMM Trademark Attorney


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