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Project Description


If there’s a conflict, I first try to see if we can work things out amicably. If we can’t – we fight!

After years of working as a trademark attorney, Vijay decided to hone his skills as an independent lawyer in other legal fields. He gave advice on and negotiated publishing agreements and was involved in copyright and portrait right infringement proceedings. However, he decided to join Knijff when he realised he missed the challenges of working as a trademarks attorney. “I like working with clients to build and maintain a solid and valuable trademarks portfolio.”

With his natural curiosity and broad interests he always manages to grasp how his clients operate. “I love translating legal complexities into something my clients can understand and I am always looking for practical solutions”.

  • Law degree at University of Amsterdam; Specialising in IP

  • Loopbaan | 2002 Novagraaf | 2008 lawyer/general practic

  • With Knijff since 2019


Contact Vijay for personal advice.

+31 294 490 900
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