How we work

Knijff’s Trademark Attorneys work best in close collaboration with you. The approach is informal with short communication lines. This enables us to obtain a deep understanding of your case, your wish or your question. Strategies are often decided based on information that emerges during personal contact. This makes close interaction vital.

Together with you we will make a step-by-step plan, providing you with a quote during the process. Once we have your approval to our offer and plan of approach, we will start work, keeping you abreast of everything that happens throughout the project.

Upon completion of the project we prefer to stay in active contact with our clients. Trademarks aren’t static, they evolve continuously. They develop with your company. Knijff Trademark Attorneys will ensure that your trademark rights keep in step, meaning you are assured of optimum trademark protection at all times.

Know more about how we work? Please contact us.