peppa pigIf you have kids under 4, you know Peppa Pig. Well, be careful  what your kids do with Peppa Pig. Two boys have just been sued by the cute pink animal, after writing and publishing a breakup song about the famous pig.

The song is called “Peppa Pig” and is a true breakup song. The lyrics said: “Peppa Pig, I’m over you, I’m in year four, Peppa Pig, I just don’t love you anymore”. And “I don’t mean to be cruel, but you’re not coming with me to school”.

The song was placed on iTunes with an unauthorised picture of Peppa Pig and was being sold for 79 cents.

Soon after, the family received a trademark infringement notice from Entertainment One, describing Peppa Pig as “valuable property” and ordering them to remove the song.

The boys’ father stated: “The boys first had a band about four years ago, doing mostly cover songs. They like rock so they were singing AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses. But the lyrics were foul.” I said, “Boys, if you want to sing songs, maybe you should write them yourselves.” The idea for this one started a couple of years ago. We were coming back from a party and I said, “How was it? Did you get a party bag? Was Pepper Pig there?” They said, “Dad, Peppa Pig is for kids.”

The boys have now taken down their song. If the love for Peppa wasn’t really over, it is now.

© photo Entertainment One UK Ltd.

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