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Primark big ‘fan’ of Vans

According to the iconic shoes manufacturer Vans, Irish clothing chain Primark has copied two of its famous sneakers. A US court may look into the case.

Vans filed a complaint with the New York court earlier this month. The Americans accuse Primark of trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising.

The sneaker label claims that since the summer of 2017 Primark has been selling sneakers that look very much like their designs, for a fraction of the price. Vans asked the Irish clothing chain to stop selling, which it did at first. However, the sneakers were put back on the shelves a few months ago.

Primark’s sneakers have a distinctive side stripe, which Vans has been using since the seventies and a honeycomb pattern on the soles.

The placement of the stripe on the side, often in a contrasting colour, makes that Vans shoes are immediately recognized by customers. Primark has copied these shoes to create confusion,’ says the sneaker label in court documents.

Primark intends to defend its position in court, said a spokesman for the retail chain.

Source: hbvl.be

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