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Pure blood

In a legal battle over the name of its first SUV, Italian sports car maker Ferrari has filed a lawsuit against a tiny charity over trademarking of the Italian word for ‘thoroughbred’.

Ferrari, one of Italy’s most famous brands, claims that it has not made sufficient commercial use of the name to warrant exclusivity. “Purosangue” literally means “pure blood” and was chosen by the charity to reflect its campaign work against doping in sports. It is also the name of Ferrari’s first SUV, which is due to go on sale in 2022.

The foundation said it registered the word as a trademark for clothing and other products in 2013 and had sought talks with the carmaker, but blocked Ferrari’s registration to trademark the brand in Europe when no agreement could be reached.

The lawyer for the foundation, of course, played the “This-is-David-versus-Goliath-card”. The brand has been in constant use, he said, including in a partnership to produce branded sneakers and clothes with Adidas, a sponsor of the charity.

It remains to be seen if the Ferrari SUV will be able to be launched under the name “Purosangue”.

Source: ft.com

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