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ElfiSelfie-zwart-blauwAs a large and popular fashion brand you have to monitor all fashion trends. When the designer department has noticed a trend or gets inspired, it is their heavy task to translate these trends as soon as possible in wearable outfits.

H & M is a very popular brand with fashionable clothing and therefore very good in spotting trends in time. Moreover, sometimes they are creating trends themselves with the specially H&M made collections by top designers.

One of the things the designer department of H&M probably has noticed, is the use of the term Elfie Selfie. With Christmas approaching, it is a popular phrase. Perfect for a t-shirt or a sweater, right? But now it appears that the chosen font is very similar to the logo of the blogger Elfi who uses the logo above. Coincidence? H & M says so, but the similarity is striking. Maybe this is not done consciously, but as you so often see, the creative process might be affected at a certain stage.

Time for action? The blogger has not registered her logo as a trademark but can possibly claim copyright protection on the logo. But probably a sorry will be enough. One of the sweaters for free will not do by the way, the blogger thinks the sweater is too “shoddy”.


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