If you have a novel idea, a new company name or an innovative product you want to market, you want to make sure you are off to a good start. Knijff can help you with this. We can check the availability of your idea, product or company name and arrange for maximum protection based on your timeframe, budget and ambitions.


At Knijff Trademark Attorneys we are specialists in the management of large trademark portfolios offering dedicated products to support portfolio owners.


Your trademark is important to you. And so it should be. A (new) trademark or company name deserves to be protected and also enables you to act against infringements and counterfeits. Sound trademark protection will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Trademark protection combines several aspects. One is registration of the trademark in the trademarks register. After all, without registration no trademark. But before that, its availability must be searched. We will check both the trademarks register and the company name register for potential objections. If we find any possible hurdles, we will look into them. We will then present you with a risk assessment and advice on the possible use of your trademark or company name, but also an indication of the steps you can take to minimise or even rule out those risks.


You will only be granted the exclusive right to a trademark if you register it in the trademarks register. It is crucial that you get this right so that you benefit from maximum protection. So how do you go about it? Well, we will do it for you. We will sit down with you to discuss your timeframe, budget and ambitions and then draw up a plan.


But trademark protection alone isn’t enough. You must also actively defend it. Having Knijff watching your trademark is therefore crucial. Watching consists of advanced tracking methods to find objectionable trademarks, tradenames and other infringements of your trademark right.

If you find an objectionable trademark application, company name application or other infringement, we will immediately send you an infringement alert. This alert details all information about the infringement found. Our unique advice system lets you know immediately the kind of action you must take and the priority of the alert. Together we can then decide on the best way to counteract the infringement. It is crucial that you take steps as soon as possible. By acting quickly, competitors will be more likely to cease the infringement, minimising any damage.


Every day, thousands of trademarks are being registered. There is a chance that these new trademarks infringe older, pre-existing (trademark)rights. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Fact is that a trademark issue must be solved. Preferably without parties having to go to court. After all, excessive legal and court fees are in nobody’s interest. Our Knijff attorneys will be pleased to assist you in solving any disputes.


Knijff can also help you with specific services aimed at protecting your intellectual property rights. For instance, Knijff can check your trademarks portfolio (in case of a takeover for instance) or write a brand manual for the correct use of your trademark by your subsidiaries. Do you want to switch to Knijff? Then we can take over your trademarks portfolio without charge and without hassle.


For more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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