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Knijff serves a variety of medium to large-sized companies and provides standard search and registration services, as well as other services aimed at protecting a clients’ intellectual property. Whatever your question, whatever your project size, our experts are ready for you! Below is a selection of the additional services we provide.

Protecting design

Designs are becoming increasingly important in product distinction. For new products, we always look for ways to protect design, an area of expertise for us. We are perfectly based to assess the added value of a registration. Designs are registered with the utmost care, because only models that have been filed correctly entitle their proprietor to the rights. It is therefore crucial to get it right.

Domain names (registration- and purchase procedures)

Knijff’s attorneys have broad experience in mediating in the purchase of domain names and are specialists in domain name procedures. We are fully familiar with legal procedures domain name arbitration procedures.

Interim staff

At peak times or staff shortages, you could perhaps do with a little extra professional help. Interim trademark attorneys or paralegals can temporarily manage or clean up your trademark portfolio: quickly, adequately and cost-effectively. Our own Knijff attorneys can put their expertise to your use, either at your offices, or elsewhere.

Using temporary staff? Then contact us to discuss the possibility of interim staff.

Legalisation department

Knijff has its own broker-valuer department and the signatures of its brokers-valuers are court registered. This allows us to certify proxies, evidence and other official documents in-house for subsequent legalisation by a court, Ministry or Embassy to meet the often tight deadlines. This will help you save time and effort.

Anti-counterfeiting measures

Counterfeiting is a growing problem. Particularly for companies marketing a popular product, produced in China, for instance. Where counterfeiting used to be restricted to luxury products, more common items are now also being copied and shipped out. All the more reason to tackle the problem at source.

You can report your products to a customs organisation by means of an “application for customs action”. The customs organisation will then target any products that infringe your rights and stop them upon entry to a country. The sender or recipient will be requested to surrender the shipment for destruction. As this often helps to prevent a court case, this approach is very effective and cost efficient. Knijff will be happy to organise the customs actions for you. We work with React, a non-profit anti-counterfeiting organisation.

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