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At Knijff Trademark Attorneys we are specialists in the management of large trademark portfolios offering dedicated products to support portfolio owners.

Trademark registration portfolio management

The management of large trademark portfolios requires expertise. At Knijff we house all the expertise you need to help you manage sizeable portfolios and the challenges that come with it. We have the answers to questions like – should a trademark be registered to the operating company or rather to the holding? Or may subsidiaries always use the trademarks registered by the parent company? At Knijff we know exactly how best to manage large portfolios. We act as the hub in the network of local agents, operating companies and you. We draw up brand books and brand manuals to serve as guidelines for clients to help their businesses in the correct use of their trademarks throughout every level of the company. This helps clients to retain and reinforce their trademark rights and position in the market.

Trademark policy advice

Just as important as trademark use management, is cost control. Trademark protection policies allow for the definition and monitoring of specific budgets for the best results. No matter what the budget for the registration and protection of your trademarks, our policy formats ensure that your money is invested in the right trademarks in the right markets. If a group company changes hands, trademark protection policies are rolled out across the group. Knijff is able to rationalise and integrate the trademark protection policies of the various business units, focusing not only on your company, but also keeping in mind legislation and case law and regulation developments.

Infringement strategies

The active protection of trademarks can be a costly affair. It makes sense to combine trademark protection policies that monitor protection expenses with infringement policies. This will ensure consistency in controlling your trademarks, while keeping the costs of any disputes in check.

Financial insights

To be able to draw up a budget and manage the costs, you need to have an insight into the costs. The costs of a trademark registration portfolio are predictable to a large extent. Knijff provides an insight into the anticipated costs, broken down by trademark, country, market or calendar year, for instance. For an understanding of the trademark costs, we are able to create a benchmark based on comparable clients with comparable trademark strategies. Combining a trademark protection policy with an infringement policy, your trademark portfolio investments are optimised, so you know that your budget is spent where it best reinforces the position of your trademark in the market.

Online management system for your trademarks

To manage a portfolio, trademark owners require detailed trademark information. Information that is accessible anytime and anywhere. At Knijff we have developed a web-based platform to allow our clients 24/7 access to their portfolio. Filters and maps allow clients to easily navigate their portfolio and generate overviews for the latest information about their trademark registration portfolio, any time.

Mutation projects

Knijff has guided many projects globally, amending and transferring thousands of trademarks. Naturally, this requires a great deal of expertise and experience. After all, different countries have different requirements. Without a clear strategy and good management, costs can easily spiral out of control. We can help you manage your large trademark projects within a clearly set budget.

IP audits & due diligence

If you are planning a takeover or investment, you will want to know the status of the trademark registration portfolio. If you need to know which trademarks are registered where, their status and any disputes, Knijff can provide you with the necessary information instantly. We can also give you an immediate update on where in the market your trademark lacks optimum protection. In the event of a business takeover, you will want to know if all the rights have been properly registered or if the trademark portfolio has any weak spots. Knijff has extensive experience in handling projects like these and is happy to guide you in these.


Many of Knijff’s trademark attorneys boast years of experience training others, for instance as part of the BMM professional education. We are happy to train our customers on location.

Knijff, your sparring partner

Knijff are experts in managing large projects. As your ideal sparring partner, you can always call us. As specialists, we are happy to provide feedback and input in strategic issues and will be your rock in many procedures. With our extensive network of specialists we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.


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