Registration of your trademark in the European Union

Do you plan to use your trademark in the European Union? Then we recommend that you obtain the exclusive right to your name or logo in all of the European Union countries. The European trademark right also protects you against counterfeit products smuggled into the EU.

A European registration is the most economical form of trademark protection. A single trademark registration protects your trademark across the European Union, covering all 28 countries, as well as any new member states that join. What’s more, to maintain the trademark right, there is no obligation for you to actually use your trademark in every country.

International registration of your trademark

It is not possible to take out a worldwide registration. However, the ‘International registration’ enables you to register your trademark name in more than 100 countries across the world, making it the most economical way of registering your trademark.

The International registration system allows for registration in several countries with one simple and cost-efficient application. These countries include the United States, China, Japan, Switzerland as well as the European Union.

National registration of your trademark name

If you want to register your trademark in for instance Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Chili, Peru or Hong Kong you will need a National trademark registration. These countries have not signed the international treaty. A local agent for Knijff in the country in question will submit your registration for a National registration of your trademark.

In general, National registrations are less economical and more time-consuming than registration via coordinating systems, such as the International or European registration systems.

Do you wish to register a trademark in the Benelux? Do you have any questions? Or do you want to know more about European, International or National trademark registrations?