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Before you register or use your trademark or company name, you must check that it is in fact available. After all, you don’t want to infringe any pre-existing trademarks. So be off to a good start, and always start by checking the availability of your trademark. That way, you can avoid any claims for damages.

Knijff is the leading specialist in checking trademark availability. We perform trademark searches to reveal anything that stands in the way of registering your new trademark. Based on the outcome of the search, we send you a clear advice so that you will know exactly what to do and which steps to take to prevent infringing other trademarks.

The most important step is a search of the trademark register. Additional checks of the commercial registers of Chambers of Commerce can also be useful.

Do you plan on also operating outside the Benelux? Before you start, you want to make sure that you have sole rights to using the trademark abroad. Knijff has developed leading tools to search a trademark’s availability abroad quickly, efficiently and at minimum costs. This is our Multisearch® service. It combines advice obtained from local trademark attorneys with our own, general advice for any given region or part of the world. The advice is to the point, and will tell you exactly what to do and which actions to take. If the search reveals any risks, we will advise you on how to limit them. If none were found, you can apply for protection by registering your trademark.

We will advise you on how best to register your trademark. Your ambitions and budget are leading in this. And you can rest assured – we will arrange for the registration procedure from beginning to end.

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Multisearch®, a trademark search with legal advice, will give you a clear and to-the-point answer about the availability of a new trademark for use and registration. The trademark search can be performed in countries across the world.


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