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A trademark registration gives you the exclusive rights to a trademark. However, if a third party applies for registration of a trademark that is very similar to yours, your trademark right may be infringed. In case of infringement, you must take action. If you do not, the implications may be huge. Trademark watching is a vital tool in keeping track of possible infringements of your trademark rights. It enables you to take action swiftly and accurately to avoid costly legal proceedings or any other damage. Forewarned is forearmed!

To actively guard your trademark, it is crucial that Knijff watches it, using advanced monitoring tools to detect any objectionable trademarks, company names or any other infringements of your trademark right.

If we detect an objectionable trademark application, company name registration or any other infringement, we will immediately send you an infringement alert with detailed information about the infringement found. Our unique advice system tells you exactly which steps to take and which priority to assign the alert. With our help, you can then decide on the best action to take against the infringement. It is crucial that you act as soon as the infringement is detected to prevent loss of goodwill or sales, or any other damage. The faster you take action, the more willing your competitor will be to cease the infringement, limiting any damage and avoiding costly legal proceedings.

You can apply for trademark watching for word marks and logos, and choose the territory where you want your trademark monitored: the Benelux, Europe or worldwide.

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