Single but not alone

singlesLet’s begin a band. If you have some musical skills, that might be a very good idea. But choosing bandnames is a different skill. The new band formed by Scarlett Johansson and Este Haim (of the band Haim) experienced this lately. Their bandname The Singles is already in use: The Singles is a band from Los Angeles and has existed since the nineties.

Painful, because the last thing you want is an expensive lawsuit or changing your name. Yet, our experience with bandnames and artist names is that band name collisions happen quite frequent.

Especially in music it is all about distinctiveness: the music itself, but certainly also the name. Red Hot Chili Peppers, you will remember this name immediately. So, when you begin a band, the name should be chosen and checked carefully. Research through the Internet, Spotify and the trade mark registers is a must. And not only in your country, but in every relevant country, as due to internet there are no boundaries and every band with own music will end on Spotify.

In case of a need for help, Knijff Trademark Attorneys specializes in protecting band and artist names and has extensive experience in researching and protecting these kind of names, and in going to concerts.

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