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hard rock café - soft rock café 2Are you someone who likes to collect Hard Rock t-shirts from Hard Rock Cafes all over the world? Then don’t forget to collect some Soft Rock Cafe shirts as well!

Recently Hard Rock International Inc., owner of the ‘Hard Rock’ restaurant and hotel chain, sent an urgent letter to the owner of a live music venue in Wirral, Liverpool, called the ‘Soft Rock Cafe’. Hard Rock’s demand: stop using this name!

Robbie Forbes, owner of the Soft Rock Cafe saw no harm: he opened the restaurant a few years. The name was derived from the genre of music played at the restaurant. But then is gets tricky: the Soft Rock Cafe logo also appears to be very similar to the well known Hard Rock Cafe logo.

And still Mr Forbes sees no harm: “It seems bizarre. We’re a little local place in Liscard – I don’t think we’re going to be taking away any of their business.” believes this can prove a quite clear cut case for the world wide operating restaurant chain. The names are very similar, the logo’s are very similar, and the services are identical. It is very likely the public can get easily confused and associate both businesses. If the case goes to court, it will not be a very hard rock… err… hard nut to crack.

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