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Artist The Weeknd is indicted by comic book maker Eymun Talasazan for plagiarism. The singer is said to have stolen the idea for a comic book about his alter ego Starboy from the maker.

Allegedly, Talasazan had talks with the singer’s team in 2017 about a comic book about The Weeknd’s alter ego. Although the singer had already released his album called ‘Starboy’, , the comic book maker requested the exclusive right to make a comic book about the superhero Starboy.

The Weeknd then applied for a trademark for Starboy and later made a comic book album in collaboration with ‘superhero factory’ Marvel.

Talasazan now says that Marvel’s story is almost identical to the one he suggested at the time. He also says that in 2016 he was already talking to the recently deceased Stan Lee about such a story.

The comic book maker wants the sale of the books to be halted and the books already published to be retrieved and destroyed.

Have a nice Weeknd.

Erwin Hauër

“Hope is not a strategy.”



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