Start your own fake Apple Store

Apple products are hot. iPad, iMacs, MacBook Pros, you name it. And obviously what’s hot, is going to be copied. But now there is an ultimate way to sell your fake Apple gadgets.

Buying fake Apple gear is not going to set you back that much as the real thing. Of course it is going to be cheaper than buying the genuine product. But there is something fishy about buying an iPad 4 from a dodgy looking guy in an alley. And when the iPad comes out of a plastic bag, you are not getting the consumer experience you are probably looking for.

But now, for the real counterfeit salesman, there is a way to pimp up the buying experience for your consumers. It all starts in China. Of course. Yuanwang Digital Mall in Shenzhen is a  30.000 m2 mall where genuine and fake electronics are sold. But you can also buy everything to start your own Apple Store!

From the round stands for the iPad to the rectangle plexiglas ‘product bricks’. Even Apple Store employee badges and t-shirts are for sale.

This will definitely upgrade the counterfeit-alley-shopping experience for all of us.

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