Steve Jobs’ new ‘job’

Steve Jobs' new 'job'Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, but two Italian brothers ‘took’ his name and are now selling clothing under the former Apple CEO’s name. Apple is not amused.

Although not registered as a trademark, Apple is very careful with the name Steve Jobs. App Store apps containing the name of Apple’s founder are blocked. But now the Cupertino based giant is facing two Italian brothers.

Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato have been selling clothes under other labels for some time. In 2012 they decided to set up their own line with the brand name Steve Jobs. Apple never registered the name of its founder as a trademark, but immediately filed a lawsuit against the brothers.

The judge, however, agreed with the brothers’ claims. The reason is somewhat far fetched: “the letter J is not edible and the bite from the logo is therefore not the same as the bite from Apple’s logo. So no copycat.

Surprisingly, the judgment dated back to 2014, but the brothers, for legal reasons, were only allowed to publish the news now. In an interview the Barbato brothers say they will market jeans, t-shirts, bags and other fashion articles under the name Steve Jobs.

Let’s see if Apple will pursue the matter further.

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