A San Francisco gentlemen’s club, called “The Gold Club” filed a lawsuit in US federal court Thursday, stating that the recently opened Gold Club in San Jose infringes upon its trademark.

The Gold Club in San Francisco has been operating for over two decades, building up its “reputation” in the Bay Area through use of its logos, which include gold lettering and a lion holding a spear.

Early August 2013, San Jose’s Gold Club began operating as a restaurant/bikini club, as topless bars are prohibited in San Jose. Theirlogo includes the name “The Gold Club” – of course in gold lettering – on a black background and two lion-type creatures standing with a spear-type object.

Gold Club SF states that their “look and feel” has been copied, and that the names and logos are confusingly similar. Even the payoffs are nearly identical: “World Famous Gentleman’s Club” versus “World Class Gentlemen’s Club & Restaurant”. has a few question and remarks about this case:

1. Isn’t every gentlemen’s club called Gold Club, Secret Garden, Golden Key or something similar?
2. If Gold Club SF wins, should Gold Club SJ be stripped of its name and logo (seeing stripping is prohibited in San Jose)?
3. Copied “look and feel”? Everybody knows that gentlemen’s clubs are all about look and no feel.
4. What’s with the spear already? Oh wait… we get it.

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