A tale of two Wendy’s

A tale of two Wendy's A Dutch snack bar has been refusing to change its name for years, just because an American fast food giant says so.

Wendy’s is a very large chain of fast food restaurants, that originates from the US. But Wendy’s is also a little fast food snack house located in the picturesque place Goes, in the Southwest of the Netherlands.

A great name for my restaurant, the owner must have thought in 1998, when he opened his business; his youngest daughter is named Wendy.

Fast food chain Wendy’s, after McDonald’s and Burger King the largest hamburger seller in the world, has been trying to set foot in Europe for years, but ‘Dutch Wendy’s’ has been successfully preventing this since 2000.

‘American Wendy’s’ is meanwhile spending a lot on lawyer fees trying to find a way to use its name in the Benelux-countries, but the Dutch owner’s trademark rights prove to be very strong.

Perhaps Wendy’s last resort is sending a big bag of money to its Dutch namesake, so ‘Dutch Wendy’s’ can retire and make way for ‘American Wendy’s’. Or change its name, just for the Benelux-countries…

A tale of two Wendy's

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