The Coca-Cola brand: for free!

Coca Cola, Nike, all world famous logo’s, worth hundreds of millions. But what was the cost of creating these logo’s? A non-limitative and totally arbitrary summary:

  1. Nike: $35 – the nike ‘swoosh’ is probably one of the most famous trademarks. But also one of the most cheap logo’s. Founder Phil Knight paid only $35 in 1971 to graphic design student Carolyn Davidson. “I don’t love it… but I think it will grow on me.”, Knight said. By the way, years later Davidson got a more substantial compensation.
  2. Coca Cola: $0 – the world famous logo with the swirly font was designed by accountant Frank M. Robinson, who also invented the name. Nice job!
  3. Twitter: about $5 – Twitter was clever and had the ‘bird-logo’ designed through crowd sourcing; a contest where the winning design was developed by Simon Oxley. Cheap cheap. Like the sound of a bird.
  4. Pepsi: $1.000.000 – the Pepsi logo has been redesigned several times. The restyling of  2008 cost the company  $1.000.000. The logo was initially designed by Arnell Group.
  5. BBC: $1.800.000 – when the internet came along the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) had to redesign its logo. There was a problem with the pixels. The company Lambie-Nairn solved the problem. For almost $2 million. Money well spent. We would have done it for a cool million.


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