The Mac Monopoly

The Mac MonopolyAlthough large companies often have specialized trademark departments that are working daily to protect new brands and defend existing brands, these departments have to deal with a limited budget. A preferred solution is to avoid lengthy and costly legal procedures. But how to avoid these?

Sometimes smart registration can create such a convincing position that the chances of success are limited for the defender and it chooses to withdraw its trademark. And even if the procedure continues, the chances of winning are higher, which prevents appeals.

But what are smart registrations? In case of Apple, the registration of ‘Mac’ is smart. ‘Mac’ is the commonly used abbreviation of Macintosh, Macbook or any Apple computer. But in case of Macbook, it would not be a clear case to oppose the recent trademark application Macwear. With ‘Mac’ in the portfolio, the chances are higher: the EUIPO ruled the opposition in favour of Apple. And while there are some issues (is there use of a part of a trademark), at least for some years, this smart registration has clear advantages.

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