The not so clever one

Clipboard01Jose Mourinho calls himself The Special One. Wherever he goes, he leads his team to success. So, like many other famous people, his name is worth a lot of money.
Probably in order to prevent abuse, the trademark JOSE MOURINHO is registered in the EU. Quite clever as you see in the register that Cristiano Ronaldo is struggling with an application by a third party of his name for perfume.
Two side notes in this respect. One: being famous is of course not enough to keep a trademark valid. Actual use of the name as a trademark for certain products or services is required.
Side note two: as newbie well-known person it is even more important that you register your trademark in your own name. Otherwise, you do not own the exclusive rights yourself.
As smart as Mourinho is on the field, how improvident he has tackled this: the trademark JOSE MOURINHO is registered in the name of Chelsea. Yes, Chelsea, the club that fired him and which he will meet as coach of rival Manchester United!

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