The South Butt

Jimmy Winkelmann Jr. is just another guy trying to make money, to pay for college. However, he does so by making funny T-shirts. Well, not funny-haha, but trademark-infringement-funny.

Winkelmann started his company in 2007, at the age of 16, with the launch “The South Butt”, a spoof on the well-known brand The North Face. Winkelmann had profited handsomely over the years, paying for college with the profits from The South Butt. He even launched another brand, Olop: a parody of Polo Ralph Lauren.

The South Butt hats, fleeces and T-shirts were sold online and in a pharmacy near Winkelmann’s home in St. Louis. In 2009, when The North Face noticed the venture and tried to shut it down, Winkelmann took the matter to court. But Winkelmann and The North Face settled, what seems to be the end of The South Butt.

But instead of abandoning his plan, Winkelmann launched “The Butt Face.” Another clothing brand.

Again, The North Face took action. Winkelmann was ordered by a Missouri judge to shut down its operations last week.

Will this be the end of the butt-infringements? Or will Winkelmann make another ass out of himself?

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