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intern saga 1Apple is busy refusing a new Flappy Bird clone every 24 minutes, since the mega popular app Flappy Bird stopped (see earlier post), but now Apple has rejected a parody game where you manage a fake app store and send cease and desist emails to developers who are using your various trademarks. How cool!

The app is called “Intern Saga: Trademark Lawyer” and is made by Organ Trail developer The Men Who Wear Many Hats (TMWWMH).

TMWWMH made the app, following the Candy Jam game, an online game jam during which other developers made candy-themed games to protest against, the maker, and its attempts to trademark the word ‘candy’ in video games. has caved under the pressure, and stopped its efforts to plans to claim ownership of the term in the US, although it still has a trademark for the word in Europe.

In Intern Saga: Trademark Lawyer, the player has to go through a list of randomly generated games and try to find ones that infringe your ever-growing cache of trademarked words.

You can then send cease and desist emails to the creators of these games, and – very importantly – collect your earnings.

Sadly Apple removed the gams from the App Store: “The concept of the app is not the sort of app we want in the App Store.”

All you trademark crazy’s out there: you can play the game online or on Android.

intern saga 2


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